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Super ambiance et mention spéciale pour les fans du studio Ghibli !! (Translated by Google) Great atmosphere and special mention for fans of the Ghibli studio !!

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Baptiste noted on Google

Ce restaurant propose de bon sushi/maki pour la ville de Lyon. Les maki peuvent d'ailleur être inventifs et originaux avec l'utilisation de sauces Japonaises notamment. Les desserts sont sans plus. Le service est très bon, le personnel très attentifs aux besoins des clients (baguettes, eau, sauces, climatisation etc). Je recommande ! (Translated by Google) This restaurant offers good sushi / maki for the city of Lyon. The maki can also be inventive and original with the use of Japanese sauces in particular. The desserts are nothing more. The service is very good, the staff very attentive to customer needs (chopsticks, water, sauces, air conditioning etc). I recommend !

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vivi 0. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The food is very delicious in the atmosphere of the restaurant. The sushi rolls that are different from Japan are also excellent! I will definitely go eat again ~ (Original) 雰囲気の良い店内でお料理もすごく美味しいです。日本とは変わった寿司ロールも絶品!またぜひ食べに行かせていただきます〜

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劉剛 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Kome is the best! I never thought I could eat fresh and delicious sushi rolls in France! If you have the opportunity to go to Rion again, this is the store you want to visit. (Original) Kome、1番美味しい!新鮮でおいしい寿司ロール、フランスで食べられるとは思ってなかった! またリオンに行く機会があれば、行きたい店です。

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Aelie Mongreville (. noted on Google

Très bon restaurant japonnais. Une décoration atypique qui invite à entrer dans la culture japonnaise. Les plats sont bons. Les prix sont un peu élevé mais proportionnel à la qualité de la cuisine. (Translated by Google) Very good Japanese restaurant. An atypical decoration that invites you to enter Japanese culture. The dishes are good. The prices are a bit high but proportional to the quality of the cuisine.

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Vincent p. noted on Google

Sur place ou a emporter, service au top pour un sushi fast food. Prix ok (Translated by Google) On the spot or to take away, top service for a fast food sushi. Price ok

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